Are you tired of razor burn and the pain of waxing to remove unwanted hair? Laser hair removal can give you freedom from constant shaving and waxing. At Evan Ransom, MD, we offer our patients laser treatments for hair removal that can leave the skin smooth and hair-free for years to come.

Laser hair removal uses laser light to target the follicles of unwanted hair, destroying the pigment that allows hair growth. Each individual follicle is destroyed, stopping the hair growth cycle. For those who constantly shave or wax their legs, chest, underarms or other body areas, this can be a relief from this tedious process. No more stubble, razor burn or irritated skin from waxing; just beautiful, hairless skin that is ready to be seen any time of year without preparation.

Hair growth happens in cycles. When laser hair removal is performed, it will destroy the active hair follicles. However, this is usually only about a quarter of the total follicles located in an area. For complete hair removal, four separate sessions about a month apart are usually needed to target all follicles in their active cycle.

Removal of Light and Dark Hair

While many places offer laser hair removal, it is important to understand that different lasers accomplish different results. Dr. Evan Ransom and our team have invested in a two-laser procedure for our hair removal procedure to target both light and dark hair types. We use MaxY and MaxR lasers to give our patients the best results, regardless of their hair type. Other laser removal services may only use one laser for limited results.

If you are ready to experience long-term smooth, hairless skin, contact Evan Ransom, MD today. Come in for a consultation to learn more about our laser hair removal services to finally be free from waxing and shaving.

Please note that all patients are different and individual healing times and results may vary. The statements regarding procedures and recovery made here are general rules.