It happens to almost everyone at some point in life. You trip and fall, or run into an open cabinet door, get hit with an elbow in a pick-up basketball game, or crash on your mountain bike. These accidents can cause injuries to the delicate soft tissues of the face that are not serious or life-threatening but have the potential to create an unsightly scar. In order to promote proper healing, and get the best result possible, facial lacerations (cuts or tears) should be meticulously cleaned and sutured by experienced hands, in a calm, clean environment. Unfortunately, what often happens is that people go to the Emergency Room (ER) or an Urgent Care Center, where they wait (sometimes for hours) in crowded, loud, and dirty rooms – only to be treated by distracted and inexperienced staff.

This is why Dr. Ransom offers his services for facial soft tissue injury repair in his officeeven after hours and on weekends. At the San Francisco Center, we have set up a special hotline for just such occasions. Please call our office any time, and if Dr. Ransom is available, he will coordinate with you to repair your injury in our office (if this is the safest option) or possibly meet you at a nearby ER!

It is important to remember that ANY SERIOUS or LIFE-THREATENING INJURY requires a call to emergency responders (DIAL 9-1-1) and/or treatment at the nearest available hospital. This service is meant for soft-tissue injury only and should not be used for severe injuries, any injury involving loss of consciousness, possible fractures, significant bleeding, or suspected injury to the eye(s). Please note that Dr. Ransom may not be contracted with your insurance company or specific health insurance plan.

Please note that all patients are different and individual healing times and results may vary. The statements regarding procedures and recovery made here are general rules.