FUE Hair Restoration (Follicular Unit Extraction) – NeoGraft

FUE hair restoration with Neograft are a great option for patients who lead busy lives and cannot afford a long period of downtime. This minimally invasive procedure does not require the use of a scalpel, staples or sutures! Best of all, Neograft FUE hair restoration does not result in any linear scarring, which leaves you with natural, flowing hair.

The FUE hair restoration technique is best suited for a doctor who has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Get the most out of your Neograft procedure by consulting with Dr. Ransom of Ransom, MD. As an experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ransom understands that the face and hair share a close relationship; because of this, he utilizes his expertise to ensure patients achieve the natural flow and perfect hairline.

The NeoGraft Hair Restoration System

The NeoGraft hair restoration system employs a handheld tool, which means your doctor has complete artistic license to shape the restoration  hair follicles. With Dr. Ransom providing your treatment, you will benefit from years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and hair restoration treatments.

This system uses revolutionary technology which provides Dr. Ransom with the tools he needs to achieve the goals you want. As a minimally invasive treatment, NeoGraft is a great option for patients who need a quick and effective treatment. If you have a special occasion to attend with plenty of notice and want your hair looking its best, consider a FUE hair restoration using the NeoGraft system from Ransom, MD.

Does your hair lack density, or are you balding in spots? Dr. Evan Ransom will provide a consultation with you and discuss your suitability for FUE hair restoration from NeoGraft. Contact our office today to arrange your first appointment to find out more about NeoGraft.