When you look in the mirror, do you still expect to see your youthful face looking back at you? As we get older, it can be difficult to accept that our faces may no longer look as young as we feel. Gravity and changes in our skin and muscles can create sagging jowls, bags under the eyes, a “turkey gobbler” on the neck, and marionette lines around the mouth. Facelift surgery can reverse many of these changes, giving you back the more youthful face you remember.

If you live in Napa or Sonoma, you have a reliable source for excellence in facial plastic surgery – the San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive and Laser Surgery in Mill Valley. Our team, headed by Dr. Evan Ransom, performs advanced facelift surgeries for our patients to achieve natural, long-lasting results. Dr. Ransom is an experienced, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon that is renowned for his expertise in creating exceptional surgical results for his patients seeking to look more youthful with facelift surgery.

Advanced Facelift Techniques

Many people think of the pulled or “windswept” look when they imagine receiving a facelift. Outdated techniques that only lifted the skin during facelifts often left patients looking “fake” or unnatural. Dr. Evan Ransom uses the latest surgical techniques and methods to create natural results for our patients seeking to turn back the hands of time. Advanced methods like deep-plane facelifts use exact precision to elevate the muscles, tissue, and skin together. This creates a more natural, long-lasting effect. You will still look like you, just a younger version.

Facelift surgery is not a cookie-cutter procedure. Each person has different factors to consider and unique expectations. If you live in the Napa or Sonoma area, contact our office today to come experience the difference of our personalized approach to facelift surgery. We look forward to helping you get back the more youthful reflection that you expect to see when you look in the mirror.

Please note that all patients are different and individual healing times and results may vary. The statements regarding procedures and recovery made here are general rules.

Dr. Evan Ransom is an Ivy League-educated and Ivy League trained Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a Double Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and fellowship-trained in facial plastic, reconstructive, and laser surgery. His practice is in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving patients from San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Walnut Creek, the East Bay, and all over Northern California.