Dr. Evan Ransom and the professionals at Ransom/MD are pleased to provide a great new injectable to our clients that can erase the signs of aging. Restylane® Refyne is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler specially formulated to erase these lines and restore a more youthful, natural look to your face. Restylane® Refyne is a mid-to-deep facial tissue injection designed to reduce deep lines in the face while helping support your natural facial movements and expressions. In clinical trials, over 95% of participants were satisfied with their treatment results, would repeat the treatments if needed, and would recommend Restylane® Refyne to their friends.

Smooth Your Laugh Lines

If your laughter dies away when you glimpse the deep lines in your face, let us help you smooth them away. Dr. Ransom is a double board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His personal and professional philosophy is to preserve your unique identity while helping you look and feel better. With Restylane® Refyne, Dr. Ransom and his team of professionals can smooth away your laugh lines for a truly natural and “Refyned” appearance even when puckering up, frowning, or smiling. As with any medical procedure, Dr. Ransom can review your medical condition and history to ascertain if you are a viable candidate for this and other treatments.

Don’t let the passing of time or the ravages of age show in your face. Book your consultation today by contacting Ransom/MD. Investigate the possibilities of erasing the lines of aging with Restylane® Refyne.

Please note that all patients are different and individual healing times and results may vary. The statements regarding procedures and recovery made here are general rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Restylane cause blindness?

If a filler is injected around the eyes and the injection is placed into a blood vessel, blindness has been reported. For this reason, we inject slowly and prefer to use blunt-tipped injection cannulas wherever possible.

Can Restylane last for years?

Yes, in some patients filler products may lsat much longer than the commonly described duration of effect.

Can you drink after Restylane?

It is recommended that patients avoid drinking alcohol immediately after filler injection, as this may lead to increased swelling or bruising.

Can you lay down after Restylane?

We recommend keeping the head elevated for a few hours after filler placement, and sleeping with the head elevated 30 degrees or more the first night after injections. This helps to reduce swelling.

Can you mix Juvederm and Restylane?

Yes, filler products can be combined to achieve the best possible effect in a given patient.

Do Restylane bumps go away?

Yes, irregularities from filler injections will resolve. In most cases, warm compress and massage will be enough. Rarely, and injection of an enzyme that dissolves filler will be required.

Does Restylane help dark circles?

Yes, for some patients with volume loss or contour depressions in the under eye area, Restylane can improve the appearnce of dark circles.

Does Restylane improve over time?

Immediately after injection, there can be swelling, bruising, or slight irregularities. As these resolve, the filler appearnce will improve.

Does Restylane settle?

Settling of the filler happens in the first few days to weeks as the filler integrates in the tissues.

Does Restylane work immediately?

The effect of the filler is immediate but the result may not be apparent until swelling and irritation goes away.

How can I make my Restylane last longer?

Filler treatments will wear off over time, and the duration of effect can be different between patients. This is related to the unique skin composition and biochemistry of each patient. Good skin care and a healthy lifestyle will contribute to improved efficacy, but there isnt a specific way to make fillers last longer.

How long do Restylane fillers last?

Depending on the exact type of Restylane chosen, and the location it is placed, the duration of effect may be 6 months to more than a year.

How long does it take for Restylane to take effect?

Restylane has an immediate effect. However, subtle changes do occur after the treatment (including softening of the filler and resolution of swelling at the injection site).

How long does Restylane stay swollen?

Swelling after filler placement is variable between patients and also the location where the injection is placed. For most patients, swelling resolves in a few days.

How often can you get Restylane injections?

Restylane can be injected as often as needed. We recommend a consultation and routine follow up to make sure that the treatment is scheduled and administered appropriately.

How often should you get Restylane?

Restylane can be injected as often as needed. We recommend a consultation and routine follow up to make sure that the treatment is scheduled and administered appropriately.

Is Restylane a filler?

Yes, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler.

Is Restylane a permanent filler?

No, Restylane is not a permanent filler.

Is Restylane good for Cheeks?

Yes, Restylane is a good option for the cheek area. Some patients prefer thicker or longer-lasting fillers for this area however.

Is Restylane good for under eyes?

Yes, Restylane is a good option for the cheek area.

Should you ice after Restylane?

Yes, ice or cold compresses can be helpful in the first few hours after filler injections.

Should you massage Restylane?

Whether or not to massage a filler depends on the location and method of placement. Please check this with Dr. Ransom before initiating massage.

What happens after Restylane injections under eyes?

When Restylane is injected in the under eye or tear-trough region, some swelling and occasionally a little bruising will occur. This resolves in most cases within a few days.

What happens when Restylane wears off?

Over time, your body will dissolve the Restylane with naturally-occurring enzymes and processes in the skin. The area that was injected will return to the pre-injection appearance.

What is Restylane best used for?

Restylane is best used for correction of mild to moderate volume loss in the cheeks and under eye areas, or for adding volume to the lips.

What reduces swelling after Restylane?

Avoiding strenuous activity after filler treatment is important. Ice can be applied during the first few hours after injection.

What should I do after Restylane?

After your Restylane treatment, plan to rest, relax, avoid straining, and sleep with your head elevated.

What should you not do after Restylane?

Strenuous activity, alcohol consumption, and and activities requiring a face-down position (e.g., massage) should be avoided after filler treatment.

Whats the difference between Restylane and Restylane LYFT?

Restylane LYFT is somewhat thicker and more firm that the regular Restylane. This product is used for the cheeks and sometimes for nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Where do you inject Restylane?

Restylane is injected in the face, including the cheeks, under eye area, lips, chin, and nose.

Which is better Juvederm or Restylane?

Each filler has specific properties that make it more or less suitable for a given patient or a given anatomical area. Dr. Ransom uses many different types of fillers for his patients.

Which lasts longer Juvederm or Restylane?

Each filler has a specific duration of effect, and this may depend on the area injected and the patients unique metabolism.

Dr. Evan Ransom is an Ivy League-educated and Ivy League trained Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a Double Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and fellowship-trained in facial plastic, reconstructive, and laser surgery. His practice is in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving patients from San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Walnut Creek, the East Bay, and all over Northern California.