The aging process affects everyone, and many of the first signs of aging are noticed in the facial region. At Ransom/MD, we are committed to pursuing the latest and most authenticated injectables and fillers in the cosmetic industry. We understand that, while many people want remarkable results from a cosmetic procedure, not everyone is willing to go under the knife to achieve them. Juvederm Volbella is the latest injectable filler that has been uniquely designed for the lips and areas around the mouth.

Juvederm Volbella is a sister product of Juvederm®, which also contains Vycross technology in order to produce natural-looking results. Dr. Evan Ransom is a Double Board-Certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who works closely with each patient to achieve their desired results. Juvederm Volbella injections create subtle cosmetic improvements to the lip area by filling in wrinkles and smoker’s lines in order to create a fuller, more youthful pout.

Increase Lip Fullness – Soften Smoker’s Lines

Despite their name, not all vertical lip lines are caused by smoking. These “smoker’s lines” can be caused by the natural aging process, genetics, repetitive lifestyle habits, and smoking. These vertical lines require what is known as a soft approach in order to fill in the lines while still keeping the area at and around the lips natural in appearance.

With Juvederm Volbella injections, the lips are replenished with a special injectable that contains hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally found in the body as a sugar molecule, which means that the body readily accepts this filler without side effects. Juvederm Volbella can be used to achieve the following results:

  • Plump the lips
  • Fill in and soften smoker’s lines both above and below the lips
  • Define the border of the lips
  • Enhance the desired prominence of the cupid’s bow
  • Improve the appearance of marionette lines around the mouth

At Ransom/MD we are pleased to offer Juvederm Volbella injections to patients who are concerned with the appearance of their lip and mouth area. We are committed to patient comfort, and patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that Juvederm Volbella contains anesthetic in order to reduce discomfort.

To learn more about this advanced, non-surgical cosmetic procedure, or for more information on how you can achieve the facial appearance that you desire, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ransom.

Please note that all patients are different and individual healing times and results may vary. The statements regarding procedures and recovery made here are general rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear makeup after Juvederm?

Yes, makeup can be applied after Juvederm injections.

Can juvederm be reversed?

Yes, if needed for aesthetic or medical reasons, Juvederm can be dissolved with an enzyme that is injected into the affected area. The enzyme takes effect right away and the filler should be gone within 72 hours.

Can juvederm cause blindness?

If a filler is injected around the eyes and the injection is placed into a blood vessel, blindness has been reported. For this reason, we inject slowly and prefer to use blunt-tipped injection cannulas wherever possible.

Can juvederm migrate?

In some patients, filler can migrate over time. The filler spreads out in the area where it was placed, typically in a limited fashion. In sensitive areas, such as the lips and around the eyes, this can have an undesirable effect. To avoid this problem, we choose specific fillers for certain areas of the face and use limited quantities.

Can you drink alcohol after Juvederm?

Yes, in moderation. Alcohol consumption could lead to increased swelling or bruising in larger quantities.

Can you get half a syringe of Juvederm?

Yes, half syringes are available for some filler types. In some cases, when there is leftover filler, Dr. Ransom can save this for you for a few months to use as a touch up. Alternatively, the remaining filler can be placed in a different area of your choice.

Can you split a syringe of Juvederm?

Syringes can be split between different areas for the same patient, but cannot be shared between patients.

Can you wash your face after Juvederm?

Yes, a gentle face wash is recommended after filler placement.

Does juvederm dissolve over time?

Yes, natural enzymes in your skin will break down the filler material over a period of months.

Does juvederm expand?

Juvederm, like all hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, is vrey hydrophilic. It attracts water molecules and this is how most of the effect is created. The filler material itself does not expand.

Does juvederm soften up?

Immediately after injection, the filler material may feel firm. This will soften over a few days following your treatment.

Does juvederm stimulate collagen?

Whether or not HA fillers like Juvederm stimulate collagen production is a topic of debate. At this time, there is not enough evidence to say for sure either way.

Does Juvederm work immediately?

Yes, Juvederm has an immediate effect. However, subtle changes do occur after the treatment (including softening of the filler and resolution of swelling at the injection site).

How can I make Juvederm last longer?

Filler treatments will wear off over time, and the duration of effect can be different between patients. This is related to the unique skin composition and biochemistry of each patient. Good skin care and a healthy lifestyle will contribute to improved efficacy, but there isnt a specific way to make fillers last longer.

How do you get rid of Juvederm bumps?

Small bumps and irregularities can happen after filler placement. For most of these, gentle massage and warm compresses will work. In rare cases where that doesnt help, an enzyme can be injected to dissolve small amounts of the filler.

How long after Juvederm will I see results?

Results are immediate with filler injections. However, the body does need some time to adapt to the filler (i.e., to resolve swelling and for the filler to settle in the tissues).

How long does Juvederm last?

Juvederm comes in a variety of forms and can be placed in multiple facial areas. Duration of effect depends on which form is used and where it is placed. For Juvederm Ultra Plus, as an example, we generally see an effect for around 9 months.

How many syringes of Juvederm do I need for marionette lines?

The amount of filler needed for each patient and each area is variable. For marionette lines, most patients use one syringe.

How often can juvederm be injected?

Juvederm can be injected as often as needed. We recommend a consultation and routine follow up to make sure that the treatment is scheduled and administered appropriately.

How painful are Juvederm injections?

Filler injections are typically not very painful. In order to reduce discomfort, we also use a topical numbing cream before injections and apply ice packs afterward.

Is it normal to have bumps after Juvederm?

Some bumps can occur after filler placement. In a majority of cases, these will resolve with gentle massage and warm compresses.

Is Juvederm better than Botox?

Juvederm and Botox are different treatments and work in different ways.

Is Juvederm covered by insurance?

No, cosmetic filler injections are not covered by insurance.

Is Juvederm lumpy at first?

Immediately after injection, some lumps or bumps are common. This may be related to injection site irritation or bruising. It can also be related to the filler as it settles into the tissues.

Is Juvederm safe to use?

When injected properly and in the recommended areas, Juvederm is safe to use.

Should I massage juvederm lump?

Yes, gentle massage and warm compresses can be helpful for small lumps and bumps.

What age should you start Juvederm?

The age when a patient begins cosmetic treatments is a personal decision. We treat patients 18 years or older.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel. HA is a natural component of connective tissues and is used to provide fullness and contour in the areas where it is injected.

What to avoid after Juvederm injections?

We recommend that patients avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after filler injections. In addition, aspirin and other blood thinnners should be avoided unless required for a medical condition.

What to expect after Juvederm injections?

Some swelling, irritation, or bruising may occur after injections. We recommend that patients avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours following injections. Ice can be applied during this time as needed.

Whats better Juvederm or Restylane?

Each filler has specific properties that make it more or less suitable for a given patient or a given anatomical area. Dr. Ransom uses many different types of fillers for his patients.

Whats the difference between Botox and Juvederm?

Botox is used to temporarily reduce dynamic wrinkles (caused by muscle movement). Juvederm and other fillers are used to add volume to the face or to reduce the appearance of deeper lines and folds.

When did juvederm come out?

Juvederm has been available in the United States since 2006.

Where can juvederm be injected?

Juvederm can be injected in many parts of the face, including the nasolabial folds, marionette folds, cheeks, lips, chin, and jawline.

Which lasts longer Juvederm or Restylane?

The duration of effect of each filler varies based on the site of placement and the patients specific biochemistry and metabolism.

Dr. Evan Ransom is an Ivy League-educated and Ivy League trained Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a Double Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and fellowship-trained in facial plastic, reconstructive, and laser surgery. His practice is in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving patients from San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Walnut Creek, the East Bay, and all over Northern California.