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Revolumization (fat grafting) city, state

Fat Grafting It is well-known that our faces become looser and that certain areas “sag” or “droop” with age. Recently, however, studies have proven that many people lose volume in the face as well. This is primarily related to atrophy of the fatty tissue in the cheek and lower eyelid regions, which is associated with a youthful facial contour.

Facial fat grafting (microlipoinjection or autologous fat grafting) is a cosmetic procedure which is used to treat loss of volume in the face and to restore a smoother, healthier, and more youthful appearance. Fat injections may be used to fill in the hollow areas under the eyes (“tear troughs”) and cheekbones (submalar depression). In addition, Dr. Ransom can use microlipoinjections to camouflage the laugh lines (dimples and nasolabial folds), smile lines or crow’s feet, jowl or marionette lines, and other facial creases, wrinkles, or scars. Fat injections may also be used to plump the lips. (Please see our Lip Augmentation page.)

Fat grafting is a minimally-invasive procedure and can be performed with local anesthesia or minimal sedation in an office-based facility or ambulatory surgery center. In most cases, abdominal fat is chosen as the donor site, with the incision hidden in the umbilicus (“belly button”). In some cases, based on patient preference or medical necessity, fat can be harvested from the thighs or buttocks. The donor fat is then prepared by isolating the fat cells and washing them with cold, sterile saline. Dr. Ransom then meticulously injects the purified fat cells into the recipient sites using tiny cannulas.

After the procedure, the treated area may appear puffy or swollen. Bruising and redness can also occur on both the recipient and donor sites. Despite this, patients are typically able to return to work and other normal activities immediately after treatment. Sun exposure should be avoided for two or three days. Fat injections can be long lasting, however, results can vary depending on overall health, lifestyle behaviors such as cigarette smoking, and each patient’s unique healing capacity. In rare cases, Dr. Ransom will repeat the fat grafting procedure to ensure that his patients get the absolute best result possible. For more information about fat grafting and facial volume restoration, please contact Dr. Ransom or schedule your confidential consultation today!

Who is a candidate?

Candidates for facial revolumization (microlipoinjection) include all patients with facial volume loss, a drooping or hollow-appearing midface, and thick or deep facial folds and wrinkles. In some cases, fat grafts can be used to camouflage facial scars or revolumize areas of muscles atrophy (such as the temple region or the angle of the jaw). Many people chose to add a revolumization procedure to other cosmetic facial surgery, such as facelift, neck lift, or midface lift (endoscopic facelift). Dr. Ransom can discuss the advantages of these combination procedures during your confidential consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long is the “down-time” after facial revolumization with fat grafting?
Answer: Facial revolumization with fat grafting is a minimally-invasive procedure, and the recovery is generally quick. Depending on the exact surgical details, including which areas are treated and how much volume is required, the down time will vary. For most patients, a couple of days off of work is sufficient. Some mild bruising and swelling will occur immediately after the surgery, but begin to resolve by the third day. The majority of this process occurs in the first week, but some patients require up to two weeks for complete resolution. Pain is very minimal. Dr. Ransom works closely with you throughout the postoperative period, making sure that you are making progress toward an excellent result. Further details can be discussed with Dr. Ransom during your confidential consultation.
Question: If I am a smoker, can I still have a face revolumization with fat grafting?
Answer: Yes, though your results would likely be better if you quit smoking before the procedure. Though Dr. Ransom would strongly advise you to quit smoking to improve your overall health, smokers can undergo facial revolumization with fat grafting (microlipoinjection). Chemicals in tobacco smoke can compromise the tiny blood vessels in the body. Though the face has an excellent and robust blood supply, alterations in blood flow to the tiny fat injections can decrease the graft survival and therefore compromise your results. Dr. Ransom has a keen interest in helping patients try to quit smoking (tobacco cessation), and has even performed clinical research in this area. He would be happy to discuss this with you during your consultation, and he is able to prescribe medications to help you quit before surgery.
Queston: What areas of the face can be treated with fat grafting? Is it possible to treat multiple areas in one session?
Answer: Many areas of the face are suitable for fat grafting, including the cheeks, under-eye area, lips, and jawline. It is very common to treat multiple areas in the same session. This gives an overall more harmonious result and is an efficient use of the fat graft tissues. In addition, fat grafting can be combined with other facial procedures, such as facelift and neck lift, to give a more comprehensive rejuvenation.
Question: How long does fat grafting last?
Answer: Ideally, fat grafts placed for facial volumization are a permanent alternative to injectable fillers. That said, not all of the fat that is injected stays around forever and, rarely, the procedure must be repeated. Some portions of the fat are absorbed by the body over time. In addition, the fat cells and the parts of the face where they are injected will continue to age normally. Fat grafting is an excellent, longer-lasting alternative for patients who have been getting filler treatments. In addition, it is a great complement to facelift and eyelid surgery in many patients.

Please note that all patients are different and individual healing times and results may vary. The statements regarding procedures and recovery made here are general rules.

Our Patient Reviews

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Christina G.

I had several nasal/sinus issues including a severely deviated septum and a dorsal hump, which I wasn't crazy about. Dr Ransom did both the medical and aesthetic parts of my surgery and he did a wonderful job! While I did have some swelling, I didn't experience much bruising at all. I loved that he left the natural look of my nose just making small corrections. My breathing has GREATLY improved. His office staff was super helpful in scheduling and making sure payment and everything was very clear. I am very, very, very pleased with my results!!

Tk I.

I had a terrible surf accident in Bali and needed to get 50 stitches to repair what the reef did to my face. I had emergency cosmetic surgery in Bali the day of the accident. Immediately when i got back to the states i was introduced to Dr Ransom through some mutual friends. I was searching for the best cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco to help in my recovery. He and his team have been amazing! he helped establish a plan for my post-op wound care/treatment and administered some initial laser treatments. Dr Ransom and his team are extremely knowledgeable and very patient / helpful. I am very grateful for their help and support. I am finally looking normal again!

Joey B.

I had three issues with my nose - which inhibited my breathing: 1- broken nose, 2 - narrow nostrils that collapsed when I inhaled through my nose, 3 - deviated septum. When I was living in New York, I went to see a doctor about my breathing issues, and he said my skin was too thin and there was likely nothing he could do to rectify the problem. Dr. Ransom was recommended by an ENT I saw through One Medical. As soon as he saw him, he said he could easily fix my nose, and remove the bump that had formed from the trauma. His confidence and strong sense of self immediately put me at ease, and I had little doubt that he could accomplish exactly what he promised. He showed me a modified picture of my nose , and really liked what he proposed. The end result very closely matched what he promised. Not only can I now breath much more easily through my nose, it looks much better. He managed to make it look like an improved version of itself, however I still look like me, and unless I tell anyone I had it done, it's not overly noticeable, which I prefer. I'm pretty vain and very critical, and I can say that Dr. Ransom is great, and comes highly recommended.

Edward T.

Doctor Evan Ransom took my surgery on relatively short order and did a wonderful job. He is very talented and has a nice friendly professional support staff. I can not thank him enough, he was calm, caring, professional and interested in the follow results of his work . He seemed to bring a certain artistry to the profession.

Lisa C.

Dr. Ransom is a talented physician. He is knowledgeable, professional and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable during your treatments. He has been blessed with an artistic eye which brings wonderful results. I highly recommend Dr. Ransom and would refer all of my friends and family members to choose him as their physician.

Cheryl H.

Dr Ransom is very kind, honest, and conscience doctor. I was referred by my best friend, she is also Doctor Ransom patient. She has so much good things said about Doctor Ransom. So I had a face lift done by Doctor Ransom on July 2015. He did a wonderful job on my face and I have a lot of compliments on my face. So if anyone want to get their face done. I would highly recommended Doctor Ransom to you. I give Doctor Ransom a five stars.

Jill P.

I have currently been getting botox regularly with Dr. Ransom and he does a fantastic job. My previous doctor's office moved to another location where it was no longer convenient. I didn't realize what I was missing until I went to Dr. Ransom. I felt really comfortable, but most important he did a terrific job blowing my previous doctor out of the park. (Sometimes it's good switch it up a bit to make sure you are getting the best treatment.) On top of that, Dee the office manager is an incredible asset to the office. She personalizes your visit and relationship with the office to an extent I have never experienced before. I even get follow up calls to see how I am doing after a treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Ransom for his great work, and his team's impeccable customer service.

Arielle C.

Dr. Ransom and Dee are the BEST! Whether it's aesthetic or reconstructive, I'd trust him over and over again with my face.