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Don’t Cover Unwanted Hair, Have It Removed!

Choose The Hottest Swimsuit For 2018!

It’s summertime! A great time to head out to the beach or swimming pool and enjoy the California outdoors and all that it has to offer. Did you buy a cute bathing suit yet for this summer? According to Travel and Leisure, these are the hottest swimsuit styles of 2018. They’re all so cute. However, are you looking at some of those cute suits and wondering how that particular suit is going to cover your unwanted hair? Continue reading “Don’t Cover Unwanted Hair, Have It Removed!”

Antioxidants That Can Help Slow The Aging Of Your Skin

Is your skin showing signs of aging? If it is, welcome to the club. The aging skin club is one that everyone is a reluctant and unwilling member of. Aging skin happens, but there are steps you can take to slow the process down.

Consume Foods Rich In Lycopene

Foods that are rich in Lycopene are helpful for improving your skin texture and increasing your collagen growth. Foods that are rich in Lycopene include red fruits and vegetables. You can also take vitamin supplements and use skin care products that have lycopene in them. Continue reading “Antioxidants That Can Help Slow The Aging Of Your Skin”

The Emotional Impact Of A Scar

“No matter how large or small your battle scars might be…the scar that remains after healing is a reminder of how far we have grown.” –Laura D. Field

Scars always carry a story. The story’s themes may be of bravery, injury, hurt, pain or accident. The final scene of the story can either be that of victory or defeat. Due to the fact that scars carry deep meaning, they can carry a great deal of emotional weight as well.

Scars can play a powerful role in life. They can remind you of what not to do, and serve as a reminder to not repeat the same mistakes.  They can also help remind us to be careful not to harm others in a similar way. They also can help us know how to help others who have similar scars. However, even though scars can play a large part in our growth, they can also cause a great deal of emotional and physical pain as well. Continue reading “The Emotional Impact Of A Scar”

Getting To Know Your Own Skin

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. “In fact, more skin cancers are diagnosed in the US each year than all other cancers combined.” They go on to say that “You don’t need x-rays or blood tests to find skin cancer early- just your eyes and a mirror. If you have skin cancer, finding it early is the best way to make sure it can be treated with success.”

In order to use your mirror and your eyes in detecting your skin cancer, you must first know what your skin normally looks like. There’s no way of detecting something abnormal if you don’t know what “normal” looks like in the first place. Continue reading “Getting To Know Your Own Skin”

Getting The Most Out Of Your Botox Treatment

If you had or are considering Botox, there are things you can do to help your results last longer. Botox or Dysport is used to treat your fine lines and furrows in your forehead, brow region, neckbands, and around your eyes. The end results are a softening of your facial wrinkles.

The results of your Botox treatment are temporary and can last up to approximately three to four months. The longevity of your results depends on many things. The area of your treatment plays a large role in how long your treatment lasts. There are other steps you can take to promote the longevity of the results of your treatment. Continue reading “Getting The Most Out Of Your Botox Treatment”

5 Common Reasons For Plastic Surgery

People choose to have plastic surgery for many different reasons. Here are five reasons you may be considering getting plastic surgery.

    1. Injury or Illness – If you’ve had an injury or illness that has altered the function or appearance of a part of your body, you may be considering plastic surgery to restore what you lost.
    2. Cosmetic – You or a partner may desire a modified look to a specific part of your face or body. In this case, you’re looking for an upgraded look that matches your perception of perfection or beauty. You may see someone whose looks you’d like to match or be similar to.
    3. Functional – At times you simply cannot function without plastic surgery. A birth defect or loss of function in a specific part of your body may demand a functional surgery.
    4. Revision – Perhaps you already got surgery and it didn’t achieve the results you wanted, or it simply did not work. In this case, you would need a revision. This process addresses specific problems or deformities caused by a previous surgery.
    5. Reverse the signs of aging – Plastic surgery can be successful when turning back the hands of time on your aging process. Wrinkles, drooping and other signs of aging can be erased with plastic surgery.

Continue reading “5 Common Reasons For Plastic Surgery”

Stealing Santa’s Sugary Treats Could Compromise Your Skin

Tis the season for many things. During the month of December it seems like there’s a jolly festivity happening every day! Festivities usually are accompanied by treats. Santa’s favorite treats are the cookies that all the boys and girls leave for him on Christmas Eve. What’s your favorite holiday treat?

Most holiday treats are sweet. While this is wonderful for your taste buds, all that sugar can have an adverse effect on your skin. Consuming excess amounts of sugar during the holidays can cause you to have some skin issues such as:

  • Skin breakouts
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Wrinkles

Continue reading “Stealing Santa’s Sugary Treats Could Compromise Your Skin”

Melanoma Treatments

November is known for celebrating Thanksgiving, but did you know that it’s also National Healthy Skin month? During this time, we’d like to highlight a skin condition that is a cancer of your skin. It may be less common than other types of skin cancer, but it is more likely to grow and spread. While some people are more susceptible to melanoma due to gender, age, race and family genes, there are some things you can do to lower your chances of getting it.

Sun Safety

As the temperatures get cooler, the tendency is to become less concerned about sun protection and safety. It’s important to remember that you can lower your risk of melanoma by protecting your skin from UV rays.

Be On The Lookout Continue reading “Melanoma Treatments”

Acne Affecting Our Youth

According to the Mayo Clinic, acne is most common among teenagers, with a reported prevalence of 70 to 87 percent. It is a skin condition that happens when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. The most common place for it to occur is on the face, however it can also appear on your neck, back, chest and shoulders.

The effects of Acne reach beyond the physical discomfort and appearance of the acne. Acne reaches into the psychological and social regions of youth as well. In an age when pictures are snapped, captured and shared at rapid speeds, acne can limit the ability to ‘share’ in a common social networking that most teens enjoy. This felt isolation could lead to loneliness and even depression. Continue reading “Acne Affecting Our Youth”

Fat Reduction Without Surgery–SculpSure

Raise your hand if you have unwanted fat. It’s probably safe to say everyone raised at least one hand, if not two. Where’s your unwanted fat? The stomach and hips are two common spots that house unwanted fat. Have you tried all of the diets and exercises out there to target those areas, and they constantly return you with hunger, soreness, and a realization that that fat is probably never going to go away?

There is hope for you if you want to reduce areas of fat on your body without surgery. Dr. Evan Ransom offers his patients at the San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser surgery an FDA approved light-based technology called SculpSure. SculpSure Body Sculpting is a great solution that is customized to reach your aesthetic goals. Continue reading “Fat Reduction Without Surgery–SculpSure”


Based on 100+ reviews

Christina G.
I had several nasal/sinus issues including a severely deviated septum and a dorsal hump, which I wasn't crazy about. Dr Ransom did both the medical and aesthetic parts of my surgery and he did a wonderful job! While I did have some swelling, I didn't experience much bruising at all. I loved that he left the natural look of my nose just making small corrections. My breathing has GREATLY improved. His office staff was super helpful in scheduling and making sure payment and everything was very clear. I am very, very, very pleased with my results!!
Tk I.
I had a terrible surf accident in Bali and needed to get 50 stitches to repair what the reef did to my face. I had emergency cosmetic surgery in Bali the day of the accident. Immediately when i got back to the states i was introduced to Dr Ransom through some mutual friends. I was searching for the best cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco to help in my recovery. He and his team have been amazing! he helped establish a plan for my post-op wound care/treatment and administered some initial laser treatments. Dr Ransom and his team are extremely knowledgeable and very patient / helpful. I am very grateful for their help and support. I am finally looking normal again!
Joey B.
I had three issues with my nose - which inhibited my breathing: 1- broken nose, 2 - narrow nostrils that collapsed when I inhaled through my nose, 3 - deviated septum. When I was living in New York, I went to see a doctor about my breathing issues, and he said my skin was too thin and there was likely nothing he could do to rectify the problem. Dr. Ransom was recommended by an ENT I saw through One Medical. As soon as he saw him, he said he could easily fix my nose, and remove the bump that had formed from the trauma. His confidence and strong sense of self immediately put me at ease, and I had little doubt that he could accomplish exactly what he promised. He showed me a modified picture of my nose , and really liked what he proposed. The end result very closely matched what he promised. Not only can I now breath much more easily through my nose, it looks much better. He managed to make it look like an improved version of itself, however I still look like me, and unless I tell anyone I had it done, it's not overly noticeable, which I prefer. I'm pretty vain and very critical, and I can say that Dr. Ransom is great, and comes highly recommended.
Edward T.
Doctor Evan Ransom took my surgery on relatively short order and did a wonderful job. He is very talented and has a nice friendly professional support staff. I can not thank him enough, he was calm, caring, professional and interested in the follow results of his work . He seemed to bring a certain artistry to the profession.
Lisa C.
Dr. Ransom is a talented physician. He is knowledgeable, professional and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable during your treatments. He has been blessed with an artistic eye which brings wonderful results. I highly recommend Dr. Ransom and would refer all of my friends and family members to choose him as their physician.
Cheryl H.
Dr Ransom is very kind, honest, and conscience doctor. I was referred by my best friend, she is also Doctor Ransom patient. She has so much good things said about Doctor Ransom. So I had a face lift done by Doctor Ransom on July 2015. He did a wonderful job on my face and I have a lot of compliments on my face. So if anyone want to get their face done. I would highly recommended Doctor Ransom to you. I give Doctor Ransom a five stars.
Jill P.
I have currently been getting botox regularly with Dr. Ransom and he does a fantastic job. My previous doctor's office moved to another location where it was no longer convenient. I didn't realize what I was missing until I went to Dr. Ransom. I felt really comfortable, but most important he did a terrific job blowing my previous doctor out of the park. (Sometimes it's good switch it up a bit to make sure you are getting the best treatment.) On top of that, Dee the office manager is an incredible asset to the office. She personalizes your visit and relationship with the office to an extent I have never experienced before. I even get follow up calls to see how I am doing after a treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Ransom for his great work, and his team's impeccable customer service.
Arielle C.
Dr. Ransom and Dee are the BEST! Whether it's aesthetic or reconstructive, I'd trust him over and over again with my face.

RealSelf Top Contributor